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Here is a list of the usual problems associated with an older driveway and how we repair them.


If there are any sink holes or potholes, we cut out the affected area with a mason saw, add a base material if needed, compact, apply tack coat to the edges of the hole. We then fill in the area with hot asphalt, and compact the new asphalt to the appropriate thickness with a vibrating plate compacter. This process ensures proper adhesion and long life.

Filling and Repairing Cracks

We prepare all cracks by blowing them out with compressed air to a minimum depth of one inch. We then apply hot rubberized crack filler. This material starts out as solid blocks of tar melted down at 300 degrees to its liquid form. We then fill each individual crack with the molten tar. As the tar cools and hardens, it expends into the cracks sealing them and making them water tight. While the tar is cooling we apply black beauty sand over the top of each crack to prevent debris from sticking to it.

Surface Cleaning and Preparation

In many cases simply sweeping with a steel bristled broom and blowing with a back pack blower is all that is required to remove dirt and debris from the asphalt surface leaving it ready for the seal coating to be applied. In more extreme cases pressure washing with 3600 psi pressure washer is necessary to remove oil and chemical stains from the surface, which will add to the price of the job. We then add petroleum deactivation to the oil spots to keep them from re-appearing.

Applying Seal Coat to the Driveway

Spraying Method

When using the spray method to apply seal coat, we first use a bristle brush around the entire border of the driveway to ensure a clean edge. We then spray the material through a spray nozzle to cover the rest of the surface. This method leaves a smooth uniform finish and is the most cost effective of the two.

Brushing Method

This method is simply done with a large bristle brush. When using this method more material is applied than with the spraying method and a brush like texture remains after the sealer dries. This method is considerably more labor intensive, therefore, it is more expensive than spraying.

Whenever you get an estimate for seal coating, be sure you know which method will be used. We use only high quality seal coat and add sand and surface hardening polymer to make our own custom blend.

Thank you.

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